Effective August 17 national Library of Israel Suspends Services #israel #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen



Effective August 17 the National Library of Israel suspended services due to budget cuts and dope of income and donations, halted book lending, closed reading rooms and ended teacher trainings and online events. It also placed its 300 employees on unpaid leave.


Online cultural events that have been held throughout the coronavirus crisis will be canceled as well.


While Israel has no budget for 2020, every ministry is supposed to get 90 percent of the money budgeted in 2019, but apparently the library did not get its share.


The library’s board chair, David Blumberg, and director, Oren Weinberg, called on Israel’s education and finance ministers to help the library and transfer its budget money, the library said in a statement.


The National Library of Israel, which was founded in 1892, has greatly expanded its collections in recent years and made them available online. In addition, the library has partnered with hundreds of institutions in Israel and around the world, providing access to intellectual and cultural assets that are not part of its physical collection.


See: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/national-library-of-israel-to-put-300-workers-on-unpaid-leave-637644


Jan Meisels Allen

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