Jewish Agricultural Colony of Alliance, NJ #usa

Steve Pickoltz

On May 9, 1890, my family arrived in NYC.  They consisted of BERNSTEINs, PICKHOLTZs, KACZERs and ABERBACHs.  I have recently found out the ABERBACHs are reall part of the KACZER family who also changed their name to KATCHER.
By June of 1890, all 4 families bought property in Alliance, NJ.  I have a copy of the the deed showing all families, but can't locate the property.  The Pittsgrove Twn. clerk's office can't locate it either--- THEY NO LONGER HAVE THESE RECORDS. 
My great grandmother, Sara PICKHOLTZ, died on Jan. 1, 1892 and is buried in the Alliance cemetery.  That being said, I know MOST of my family lived in the Alliance area, at least till 1900, when my great grandfather is listed in the US Census of 1900, as living with his family in Phila., Pa.
What these families occupations were in Alliance, I don't know.  However, I know the KATCHER branch, were in the poultry business somewhere in South Jersey well into the 1950's.
My great grandfather, Berisch (Bernard) PICKHOLTZ, remarried sometime after the death of his first wife Sara, in 1891.  Her name was Bluma BERNSTEIN, and she was on of the people listed on the deed, and was the sister of the first wife Sara PICKHOLTZ.
I would like to find out (1), is there a list of residents of Alliance from 1890 to at least 1910; (2), is there any list of occupations for those living in Alliance again from 1890 to at least 1910; and (3), is there any kind of records of marriages for the period 1891 thru 1900, that would be for my great grandfather Bernard PICKHOLTZ and second wife, Bluma BERNSTEIN.  Again Pittsgrove Twn. was of no help, nor were any of the surrounding towns.
Any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Tabernacle, NJ

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