Re: Seeking recommendation for organizing a directory of townspeople (residents, survivors and victims #poland #names

Adam Cherson

Dear Avigdor Ben-Dov,

I started a Kehilalinks site for Dieveniskes several years ago and dealt with what you describe by creating a community wide family tree, which is just another database format, one that allows many variables and facts to be attached to any profile. As for the mention of unknown offspring (whether speculated or derived from a numerical accounting in a source) there is no reason not to include both so long as you clearly indicate the basis for the inclusion. For example, using a Levine surnamed family, you could establish a convention within your database that all children who are derived from a source (making sure to include the source in the profile) but whose names are unknown will be called UnknownM Levine or UnknownF Levine or simply Unknown Levine (if no gender is known). Conversely, if the offspring are based on statistical averaging you might use PlaceholderM Levine, PlaceholderF Levine, or simply Placeholder Levine.

Best Wishes,
Adam Cherson

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