Katzenellenbogen / Ariogala #lithuania #rabbinic

Jeremy Lichtman

One of my ancestors appears to have been a signatory of the 1764 and 1785 Poll Tax records for Ariogala.

He signed the 1785 record as:

Chackiel Yankielowicz - "thus sayeth R'Yekhezkel (Ezekiel), son of the high rabbi, R'Yakov (Jacob) (father deceased)."

The community of Ariogala was run from Kedainiai at that point in history, and the rabbinic offices were largely run by the Katzenellenbogen family (at least two of whom were also rabbis of Ariogala for periods of time).

I'm wondering if it is possible that the "high rabbi" Jacob could be referring to Rabbi Jacob Katzenellenbogen of Kedainiai (and later Altona). The only child I've seen listed anywhere is Rabbi Joel Katzenellenbogen, who took over in Kedainiai after his father moved to Altona.

Could Chackiel (Ezekiel) be another son, named after R' Jacob's father? Chackiel's oldest son, in turn, was named Jankiel (Jacob).

Does anyone know of any original sources I could check?

Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada (formerly of Cape Town)

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