Re: Simonia card? #yiddish #translation

Sherri Bobish

I wonder if it was a card that had to be purchased by the person in The U.S. and shown by the person in Europe to get the money transfer?
"In 1923, HIAS established the HIAS Immigrant Bank at 425 Lafayette Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The bank was licensed by the State of New York.[22] Its sole purpose was to facilitate remittance or money transfers to and from immigrants’ families abroad, which was then a service not offered by most U.S. banks"

As far as I know, "credit cards" in the 1920's and later were limited to metal tags issued by specific companies, and the metal "card" could only be used at that company.  In the 1950's / 1960's my mom had an Abraham & Strauss department store "credit card."  It was a small metal tag that she kept on her key ring. It could only be used at that one store.


Sherri Bobish


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