Podwinecz, nr Mlada Boleslav/Jung Bunzlau, Bohemia #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Peter Bakos writes in his posting entitled "Mlada
Boleslav Cemetery": The Freiherren von Waldstein
owned 20 towns in the area of Mlada Boleslav/Jung
Bunzlau], one of which is called Podwinecz but which I
cannot find on any map. I am fascinated by the
connection [with my PODWINECZ family] but have no idea
if there were Jewish people living in that village.

The Kreis surrounding the Bunzlauer Kreis are the
Bidschover, Leitmeritzer and Kaurzimer Kreis.

I have checked the 1793 Jewish census of Bohemia for a
village of that name in the four Kreis named above and
it is not listed. One has to presume, that in that era
at least, there were no Jews living there. This is
confirmed by the fact that the village is on the
comprehensive list provided by Felix Gundacker on our
own website:


There is a Bohemian village with a name closely
resembling *Podwinecz* in the Leitmeritzer
[Litomerice] Kreis mentioned in a commercial website,
which because of prevailing Jewishgen rules I cannot
list here:

Former spelling of the village: Podiwin
Current spelling of the village: Podvini
Parish attribution: Zitenice
Start of Vital Statistics: 1708/1708/1708
Former Parish attribution: Litomerice dek
Former judicial denomination and archives: (Bohemia &
Moravia only) Litomerice

You can also search the website with "PODW" which
brings up a few other choices but they seem less

I found an interesting website about the regional
archives in Zitenice which can be traced back to an
Imperial sanction of inheritance of the trust of Count
Vaclav Eusebia of Lobkovic in 1677. These archives
will probably contain much information about
Schutzherren and Schutzjuden in some of the less-used
collections which are stored off the premises of the
Zitenice castle.


Frank Eisinger has also submitted our Gemeinde View
for Podivin [nr Lundeburg/Breclav] in Moravia:


As with the villages of Kaunitz and Kanitz I wrote
about two days ago, there is a Moravian doppelganger
to the Bohemian Podiwin/Podvini village, discussed

Celia Male [U.K.]

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