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Hi to all members of the Discussion Groups.

I and many of my Polish researchers here in Melbourne have recently noticed that links in the JewishGen lists for sources of Polish records no longer has a link pointing to JRI-Poland as one of the sources. Melbourne has a very large Polish descendant base and our society, Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (Vic) is involved in assisting our community in research for sources in Poland and world-wide. This includes, over the last few years, presentations for School Roots projects.  We have spoken to hundreds of students in this time and always stressed the importance that the first port of call is JewishGen above all other sites. Then we advise them to find their country of interest in the JewishGen list of databases.  So, if you too are wondering about the missing JRI-Poland link, I suggest that you bookmark a direct link to the JRI-Poland website at


   The JRI-Poland search page also has

additional search options that may help you in your research.

Max Wald ,Vice President, AJGS(Vic) ,Melbourne Australia.



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