Seeking help to find the marriage and death registrations of my Grand Uncle Dr KAMMER Zsigmond, Budapest dentist. #hungary #records

Rosemary Thomas

I am trying to draw a documented connection between myself and my best match on MyHeritage, without the assistance of the match. Yes I have asked!

I would greatly appreciate any assistance the community could provide in finding KAMMER Zsigmond's marriage and or death registration records.

My maternal grandfather's youngest brother, Zsiga KAMMER, was born on 20 Oct 1890 in Senec Slovakia (then Szempcz Hungary). His parents were Adolf KAMMER and Fani KRAUSZ. The family moved to Budapest c.1900. I have been able to trace Zsigmond through school, university, army service and into private practice as a dentist in Budapest. I have found newspaper and directory references up until 1932 and then he disappears.  Unlike his parents and siblings there seem to be no newspaper notices of his marriage or death in contemporary newspapers. I have searched the Budapest civil records on FamilySearch without success.

I have found Zsigmond as a witness at what I believe to be his sister-in-law's marriage in 1924 in Budapest.  The 1937 edition of KEMPELEN Belá's Magyarországi Zsidó és Zsidó Eredetü Családok, lists Zsigmond as deceased. Kempelen named two daughters, but not Zsigmond's wife. From school records I believe the daughters were born in 1922 and 1926, so their birth records are within the 100 year privacy provisions and not online.  Zsigmond is not listed with his siblings on his mother's January 1937 newspaper death notice suggesting he probably died between 1932 and 1936. I have not been able to locate a burial record for Zsigmond.

I believe his wife remarried in Budapest X in 1938 as a Roman Catholic widow and under her maiden name, SCHWARZ Lilly Lidia. I have been able to locate a 1934 notarial deed on Hungaricana, an authorisation, that may link Zsigmond to Lilly but I have been waiting six weeks for the archive to provide a quotation to provide a copy of the record.

I believe one of the daughter's was killed in the Shoah.  I may have tracked one of Zsigmond's daughters to the USA post World War II. There are some name variations and complicated relationships. A record of marriage would make many hours of 'covid confined' searching more worth while, elevate my closest match to a known match and possibly help me to sort some of my other matches into clearer family lines.

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