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Bernard Aronson <dovbenhos@...>

You claim to have the same records as the late Ms. Usdin, however, in the All-Russian 1897, census two persons were omitted from the Jewish Gen records, which Usdin's translation included.  According to the former, the household of my maternal great grandfather Ruvin Antonos included the family of his second marriage to Mera Patz, their daughter Malka (seamstress, aged 21 y),  her son Khaim (aged 21 y) and his wife Jesne (aged 22 y). The Jewish Gen records omitted Khaim and Jesne's younger daughter Malka (aged 2)  and  Ruvin and Mera's second daughter, Braina (apprentice, aged 14). 

I also found Usdin's translation of the records of rabbi Ratner, et al to be more inclusive for the progeny of my great aunt Ita Beila (nee Sandler) and Ezer Wulf kagan and their children.  We have never been able to determine the fate of this family, which my family felt had been exterminated in the Shoah.

I await anxiously improvement in the Latvian records.  

Bernard Aronson

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