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Mark Halpern

Hi Daniel:

Sorry for the delay in responding. Just catching up. 

In the JRI-Poland database are all surviving records through 1905. We have indexed 1906-1915 BMD, which are not online yet as we are still raising funds to pay for the indexing. The German language records during the occupation of 1916-1918 have not yet been indexed. We are looking for a volunteer to index these records, before we commit to pay for an indexer. We have also indexed 1919-1937 MD records. B records are still covered by privacy laws. The MD are not yet in our database as we are still raising funds for these as well. The qualifying donation to obtain access for 1906-1918 is $180. Also $180 for 1919-1942 MD. 

The revision list project is all the Jewish records for towns now in Poland at the Grodno Historical Archive. There are over 33,000 records, which is estimated to cost about $23,000. We are about 55% toward the record goal and 64% toward the financial goal. We had suspended the Grodno work and will be restarting in October. Qualifying contribution for the entire Grodno project is $250. You will get access to records for 28 towns.

As far as I know that colony did not have its own Jewish community and Jewish records. I do not know what town they would be connected to. If those records are included in the Sokolka or other lists, I hope they are uniquely identified.

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On 2020-08-16 10:26 am, dtolman via wrote:

Hi Mark,
I enjoyed your talk on the state of Bialy-Gen. I had a few questions (I missed the first 10 minutes of your presentation, so you may have answered this then in your remarks- my apologies):
-What un-indexed records are available for Bialystok proper? I saw the slide where it mentioned 9100 revision list records, and 1400 additional vital records - but I wasn't clear if that was New Additions or what was waiting to be Indexed.
-What is the suggested donation on JRI-Poland to receive access? 
-(unrelated to above) I saw Sokolka on the list of towns for the 1891 revision lists, and earlier vital records. Do you know if any of these records includes the nearby Koloneja Izaaka / Isaakovskaya Koloniya / Izaak Colony? I know there are (at least) revision lists extant that Irwin Keller was kind enough to share, and it seemed it was sometimes folded into the larger Sokolka's files.
Daniel Eig 
From Bialystok: Epstein, Kurianski, and Rogal
PS - thanks to the tip by a participant in the chat on the Bialystoker Album/Yizkor book, I was able to track down a digitized copy posted on the NYPLs site - it had photos I've never seen before of my great-grandmother (and founding member of the Bialystoker Home) Freida (Rogal) Epstein, and one photo that I'm pretty sure is of my grandfather :)

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