Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Sherri Bobish

I've been following the discussion regarding the occupation of cutter. 

My grandfather, born in Ariogala (near Kovna) circa 1884, arrived as an 8 year old, and lived and worked in Manhattan.  He kept a diary, and I thought I would share some of the notes he wrote regarding his early years as a cutter.

"Put by cutting table as apprentice February 19,1900 at  A. Hurwitz B'way, N.Y. at $4.00"

"Found employment at Empire Skirt Co. May 24 1900, at $9.00 per week as cutter."

"Permanent work at Empire.  Left, and resumed work at Hester Wesler (B'way.) July 2, 1900, @ $10. per week."

"Got position at Star Skirt Co. July 9, 1901 @ $12.00 raised $2.00."


Sherri Bobish

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