Re: Katzenellenbogen / Ariogala #rabbinic #lithuania

Adam Cherson

Hello Jeremy,

First I need to correct a typo in the earlier post: the second potential K'bogen haplogroup is E-M35 (not E-35).

In this situation you want to obtain yDNA from a person(s) who is reasonably certain to be a patriline descendant of R' Chackiel Yankielowicz (by patriline I mean male-to-male with no breaks). The initial screen is the Y37 test at FTDNA. This test will provide a base-level haplogroup which will show whether the person is J-M172, E-M35, or something else entirely. More in depth testing may or may not be warranted depending on what the screen shows. I would also suggest testing more than one such cousin from each available, separate line, to the extent possible, because redundancy of result is strongly persuasive in this field. PLMK if you need any further guidance on testing mechanisms, procedures, and/or logistics.

Adam Cherson

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