Re: "Holy Silence" Documents Vatican's Role in the Holocaust #announcements #holocaust

Jeff at SG

We were very frustrated at first because the sound through both my laptop and the TV connection was very muted.  It was impossible to hear anything.  Only when we connected external speakers to my computer did the sound become audible.  
We watched it too. Excellent documentary. The only sound problem we encountered was a slight timing dtiscrepancy between the sound and the image. Not much, 1 second or so, perhaps because of the difference in wifi download speeds.
Highly recommend watching while it is still available. Very illuminating on multiple aspects including Pius XI of whom I knew little, Pacelli's consistent behaviour both before and after becoming Pius XII, and several other important but far less known individuals who played important roles. 

Jeff Malka
MALKA ,(Spain, Morocco)
GOLDENBERG (Romania, Rosh Pina, Egypt)
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