Hungarian Jewish Women in OBERNHEIDE 1944-5 #hungary #holocaust #slovakia

shaul berger

I would like to connect with survivors (and their children) of a group of 500 Hungarian/Slovak jewish women (and 300 jewish women from Lodz). My mother Manci Rachel Aranka Berger (nee Hutter) was part of this group. She arrived with her family to Auschwitz in early June 1944  from Hungary. She and her family were sent by train from Salgotarjan but originally her family lived in Slovakia, south of Rimavska Sobota) . All my family was murdered on arrival and my mother was the only one to survive. The women of this group (most of them 15-30 years old) were sent in late July from Auschwitz to Obernheide (near Bremen) as slave laborers. They did various manual labor tasks such as cleaning up rubble from Bremen streets after Allied air bombings. In early April 1945 they were moved to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp where they were liberated on April 15.

I am trying to learn more about this dark period (I have the book "women of Obernheide"). . My mother told me about that period but I hope you can help me learn more . I understand that Lily Maor z"l was the chairman of the Obernheide comittee and even organized meetings and a trip to Bremen (that my mother participated). I also know about Hedy Brasch and several others. There is also a list of 350 survivors. I would love to get the list.. Do you know how I can get a copy?

Any help will be appreciated. You are welcome to contact me directly by email.

Shaul Berger
BRUMER, RETTIG, WATTENBERG (Zolkiew, Rawa Russka),
HUTTER, KIFLIG, HERZIG, WATTENBERG (Rimavska Sobota, Jaroslaw, Przemysl, Dobromil),
BERGER & SPITZER (Szecseny, Shirkovce, Prague)
POSNER, LICHTSZAJN (Warsaw), EHRENREICH (Warsaw/Miechow), SCHELL & RIEGER (Gorlice),

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