Rabbi Uri David Ben Yosef Aperion (Apiryon?) of Zagare Lithuania, late 19th centrury #lithuania #rabbinic


Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any additional information about this individual, his life or his family beyond the limited facts that I've been able to find so far on line.  
Rabbi Uri David Ben Yosef Aperion was apparently a leader in the Zagare jewish community in the late 19th century and wrote a a work of religious scholarship called "Sefer Apiryon Dovid" that supposedly won him some acclaim - I found reprints of it still available for sale on Amazon and other site, but only in Hebrew.  I would love to find an english translation of it or find someone to look at it and just summarize for me what it is about, as well as seeing if it contains any details about his life and his family, as i try to trace my lineage back to him. Thanks so much for any responses? 

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