Multiple (male) given names and Russian patronymics #general #names

Michael Kaulkin

Dear Friends,
I wonder if anyone has any expertise that would shed light on what seems like a very odd situation.
I had never known the given name(s) of my great grandfather until a few months ago, when I found pictures of headstones of my grandmother and her sister.  According to my grandmother's headstone, he was Mordechi Avram LEVIN, and according to my great aunt's headstone, he was Yisroel Mordechi LEVIN.
To make things murkier, thanks to research done by a newly discovered cousin, there is strong DNA evidence that he was also the father of a man who stayed in Russia and whose Russian patronymic was "Nakhimovich"  (Aron Nakhimovich LEVIN).
So, my questions:
  1. Are there possible easy explanations for the discrepancies among given names?
  2. Does it seem likely that Nakhim was yet another given name of his?
  3. Are there other possible explanations for someone having a Russian patronymic that does not match is father's actual name?
I am leaving out a lot of detail in favor of succinctness, but if you think you can help and need more info, by all means, let me know!
Many, many thanks,
Michael Kaulkin (KOLKIN – Vitebsk)
Oakland, California

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