Jewish "juniors" in Hungary mid-1800's #hungary #slovakia

Hilary Osofsky

I'm wondering how to account for religiously observant Jews conferring the name of a living father upon a newborn son in Hungary in the mid-1800's.
In that regard, I was surprised to learn that both my Stein g-g-grandfather from Vychodna or Budapest, as well as my Reicher g-g-grandfather from Benedekfalu, had a son bearing his name c. 1846 and 1860, respectively. There is no doubt that each of them was still alive at the time.
I have reason to believe that both of those g-g-grandfathers were observant Jews. Of course, the Ashkenazi naming tradition is only that - a tradition, not a religious mandate.
Does anyone know whether there was some social or cultural trend that accounted for Jewish "juniors" during those years?

Hilary Stein Osofsky
Orinda, California

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