Re: Multiple (male) given names and Russian patronymics #general #names

Shelley Mitchell

“Russia,” in earlier days was the broad name used to cover numerous areas which today are separate nations. I can only speak of my experiences.

When I went to bury my aunt, all the paperwork from the old country said her name was Beyla Pesia. Knowing of an earlier child name Beyla, and the tradition of hiding that name with a second name, her name should gave been Pesia Beyla It wasn’t until I translated her headstone did I find the proper order of names. A lot about names comes from who supplied the information. 

As for different surnames, there are multiple reasons. One is that when a census was taken, a person’s name was changed depending on what household they were in at the time. Based on geography, the two surnames might reflect the surnames of the two parents. 

So much depends on date and location. 

Shelly Mitchell

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