Re: Multiple (male) given names and Russian patronymics #general #names

Stephen Weinstein


Headstones don't indicate what the person's name was.  Headstones indicate what someone who outlived the person thought that the person's name was.  If someone's children died before them and the surviving parent purchased the tombstone, then the parent's name is probably right.  If the parent died first, and the person arranging for the tombstone was the child of the deceased, and the grandchild of the father being named, who may not have even been born until after the man in question died, and certainly might not have known all the parts of his name, then the simplest explanation is that the tombstones are wrong.  And by Occam's razor, that's also the most likely explanation.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA

when I found pictures of headstones of my grandmother and her sister.  According to my grandmother's headstone, he was Mordechi Avram LEVIN, and according to my great aunt's headstone, he was Yisroel Mordechi LEVIN.

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