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Odeda Zlotnick

It's or [they're synonymous], but not
Whenever you find a record in the overall search on genteam, it has an icon of a page that leads to "details" of the database/s in which the name appears.

Elemir Martinek appears in the database called "Taufindex von Wien" - when you click on the page imager under "details" you will see:

And when you go to the "Overview" you'll find more info about that specific database when you click on

Roman Catholic Baptisms

There's a lot of infromation there, including the following comment:
"The parish registers will be available online in the near future; some are free of charge already partially accessible at Thus, the researcher has relatively quick access to the original entries, even though here and there might be multiple entries."

The matricula online database has an English interface but you have to search for Wien, and then on the Wien (i.e. Vienna) page for Währing.
Scroll down to the year 1897, click on the camera icon, and that will get you to: (first register for that year) and you can then scroll for page 165 - the page number is faintly penciled above the right hand corner of the register.  It is not the number on the navigation screen. A simple trick it to open any page that has a number, and then calculate how many page you need to add or subtract to get to the wanted page in the register.
You will find Elmier here:  in record 676.

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