Re: Looking for help to find Polish passport #poland

Jessica Eber

The person who helped me was Krystyna Duszniak:  It was a long process, which I had started on my own, but Krystyna was able to help me when things got messy. She lives in Australia but works with someone in Warsaw who can file the papers in person.

I'm not an expert, but I think the confirmation process is slightly different from the ordinary way to get citizenship, because it is for people who are assumed to have a claim to citizenship (through descent) but have no official documentation to prove it. I don't know all the rules about renouncing citizenship, but Krystyna will know. When I first applied for a confirmation of citizenship, I was rejected because of my father's service in the US army (which is in effect a renunciation of his Polish citizenship), but that was before 1951. Later I applied through my mother's family, and that's when Krystyna stepped in and helped me get the job done!

Good luck!

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