Re: Prison and General Hospital: Special addresses in Lemberg (Lwow Lviv) and great site for maps #galicia

Roman Ravve

It was declared the State of Siege in Galicia in 1864 to 1865, after
the uprising started in 1863. Most of the activists were youngsters.

Probably, this might be the explanation.

Roman Ravve
Ukraine, Russia, Belarus: local archives research

Simon Kreindler <> wrote:

<<... Last year, I discovered an 1864 death record in GG's All Galicia
Database for a Simon Kreindler whom I believe was my GG
Grandfather. The notation on his record >from the archive in L'viv
indicated he was a prisoner or convict and the house number was
360 2/4. You note that this house number corresponds to the
location of the jail in Lemberg and indicate you found records for
many young men who died in this same place. My GG GF was
actually 74 when he died there but, leaving his age aside, I am
curious whether you (or any other GG members) have any thoughts
about why so many Jewish men were in jail in Lemberg during that time?>>

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