Re: How to correct information in Jewishgen Databases #records

Daniella Alyagon

There is something to consider when asking for corrections in Indexed record
1. If the index does not reflect the actual historic record, usually due to issues figuering out the hand written record or typing issues a correction is warented
2. If the original record contains an error it should not be corrected as in the i dex as that will mis represent the indexed record. 
3. Information not provided in the original record should not be added to the index for the same reason provided above.
If I understand correctly you are asking to add information not present in the actual record and in that case I sincerly hope JewishGen will not do so as it will be misleading for other researchers.
In order to explain my last comment about 20 years ago I published a family tree online. This tree contained information I believed to be correct and was picked up by other. Since then I have discovered errors in my original tree and current information is in cotrast with other published family trees. This posses a question as to the correct information. 

Daniella Alyagon




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