Re: Prison and General Hospital: Special addresses in Lemberg (Lwow Lviv) and great site for maps #galicia

Odeda Zlotnick

Actually, I said "single men" not young men -- to the best of my memory,
unlike (some) other death records, convicts never have spouses
mentioned -- which is not to say they weren't married. They were not
necessarily young, nor unwedded.

It's a good question. I hadn't actually thought of why Jewish men were in
prison - and, given the huge proportion of Jews in Lwow in those days, it
stands to reason there would be some in prison as well. Was their part in
among the prisoners higher than the general population? Lower? It
would certainly be an interesting sociological-historical study for
someone to do. (Does anyone know if it was done?) A separate question
of course would be the relative number of the deaths in of Jewish
prisoners, as opposed to the number of non-Jews.

To rephrase your question, Simon: I too am wondering why were people
put in prison in Lwow? Why were Jews put in prison in Lwow? (Same
reasons? Different reasons?) There would be crime of course. But what
about debts? Politics? Etc.

Odeda Zlotnick
Researching BLASS, KULIKOW BOTTWIN and MELLER >from Lwow
(Lemberg) and Vienna

Simon Kreindler <> wrote:

<<... I found your post interesting and intriguing. Last year, I discovered
an 1864 death record in GG's All Galicia Database for a Simon Kreindler
whom I believe was my GG Grandfather. The notation on his record >from
the archive in L'viv indicated he was a prisoner or convict and the
house number was 360 2/4. You note that this house number
corresponds to the location of the jail in Lemberg and indicate you found
records for many young men who died in this same place.... >>

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