Re: Birth/marriage/census records in Oberwart, Hungary #hungary


The 1828 property census listed the names of heads of household of tenant farmers, craftsmen, merchants, etc. (I think basically one name per dwelling.) None of the names in Felsőőr (Felső-Eőr) are marked as Jewish:
(Film # 008144508 images 552 to 559)

FamilySearch also has materials from mid-18th century attempts at enumerating all the Jews in the kingdom:
It's supposedly in order by county name (in Latin), but I found T before S, and then something labeled Békés (which isn't even supposed to be included). I don't know if there's an index available anywhere. (Even just by place would help.)

The Roman Catholic diocese in Eisenstadt has joined the (fee-based) online records bandwagon, but they have not yet gotten to Oberwart:

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