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Kenneth Ryesky

For whatever it might be worth:


More than 10 years ago, while doing scholarly research (more like archaeological digging) on some statutory history in the Queens County Courthouse Law Library, I chanced to access an oldy moldy volume of the Laws of New York.  It seems that in those days  (at least 1889 through 1905, with an apparent hiatus for years 1895 to 1897) the annual Laws of New York books indexed name changes granted by the courts.

Example:  For 1902, the list of name changes was on pages 805 - 1826; for 1903, pp. 1459 - 1479; for 1904, pp. 1949 - 1965; for 1905, pp. 2152 - 2176; for 1905, pp. 2152 - 2176; for 1906, pp. 1904 - 1926; and for 1907, pp. 2512 - 2540.  The indices list separate entries for from and to name changes, all in alphabetical order.

Further research archaeological digging disclosed that the General Index to the Laws of the State of New York 1902 - 1907 (Albany, J. B. Lyon Co., 1908) combines the listings for the years 1902 - 1907 (pages 468 - 570).  This tome is on the Internet Archive <>.

I found the information I had initially sought to research, and the name-change project was relegated to the lower levels of my "to-do" list.  Life subsequently intervened (including our Aliyah to Israel, the discontinuance of my college teaching gig, and the winding down of my solo law practice).  I do not know to what extent the indices have been transcribed.

-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, Israel




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