verse on a tombstone in Kishinev #bessarabia #yiddish

Yefim Kogan

Here is a terrific verse I found on a tombstone of Olga Shraybman (in Kishinev Jewish Cemetery):

Dear Olga!
You are not dead.
With that beautiful soul, 
With that great love to people
You live among us for ever.

Only person who could write it in Kishinev was Ikhil Shraybman, and Olga was his dear wife.

I have also attached an image of the tombstone of famous Jewish writer Ikhil Shraybman  (Kishinev Jewish Cemetery).

His Yiddish is so wonderful,  I recommend to read his works even in translations.

On Ikhil's stone it is written in Yiddish and Russian:

I am not writing in Yiddish, 
Yiddish I Kiss..
Yiddish is my Great Happiness.

Yefim Kogan

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