Re: legal name change in New York. #general

Ittai Hershman

On the question of whether antisemitism could reasonably be a factor in name changes in the 1940s, especially for those running professional offices in their names, note this passage from James Loeffler's award winning book, "Rooted Cosmopolitans" (Yale, 2018), p. 97:

"Blaustein’s researchers reported to him that antisemitism had dramatically increased in American society during the war years. Most Americans viewed Jews as a greater threat than German Americans or Japanese Americans; one-third of respondents indicated that they would 'join or sympathize with an antisemitic political campaign.' That number soon rose to a whopping 57 percent of the public. Yet at the same time, 59 percent of Americans favored the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Even a majority of self-professed antisemites supported such a state. This presented a confounding situation for Jewish leaders: Americans liked the Zionist idea of a Jewish state even as they feared Jewish influence in domestic politics.”

Ittai Hershman
New York City

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