Question about town of registration for KEMPER - Salnitsa and Salakhov Ukraine #ukraine

Barry E Chernick

The father and mother are the same for all six birth records recorded in
Starokonstantinov, Ukraine Birth Records. The town "where the father was
from (town of registration)" alternates between Salnitsa and Salakhov.
Year of birth record, surname, town
1893 KEMPA Salkhov
1898 KEMPER Salnitsa
1901 KEMPER Salakhov
1904 KEMPER Salnitsa
1907 KEMPER Salokhov
1911 KEMPER - no town given
I know where Salnitsa is located. I can not find Salakhov (various
translations). Is it related to Salnitsa? Why is town of registration not
the same in all cases? Any ideas?
Barry Chernick, Bellevue, WA

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