Searching Hamburg lists for family groups #records

Alan Reische

Good morning - I have combed through a large number of databases to determine which shtetl my family emigrated from without success. I've conducted  wild card searches both for likely surnames and  given names; checked NYC manifests for the date of arrival; have checked Findagrave; and examined non-US databases for likely family shtetls using the American surnames. I am coming to the conclusion that the surname was changed during or prior to their arrival in NYC, resulting in a brick wall.

I do know the approximate dates of birth for the four family members who emigrated, presumably as a group, and the apparent date of arrival in NYC. Taking the data I do have, and assuming they embarked from Hamburg as a group, is there a way to conduct a search in the Hamburg emigration database for the four family members, using only their dates of birth and a small range of departure dates, without  surnames?  (I'd extrapolate the date of embarkation from the date of arrival in NYC.)

As for given names - I have the Anglicized given names, and for the parents, I have the Hebrew names from their gravestones.

What I'm hoping to do is to locate a family group with appropriate birth data for each member, but doing so without surnames. Doing it with surnames has proven to be a dead end (or a rabbit hole, if you will). Certainly, the matrix at Ancestry doesn't seem to permit such a search.

If I've overlooked the obvious, my apologies. I look forward to any suggestions.

Alan Reische

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