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In general, the obits (avis de déces / rubrique nécrologie) for famous and/or rich folks would be in Le Figaro or Le Monde. There are also local papers -- in Paris it'd be Le Parisien, for somebody from Brittany it'd be Ouest France, etc.

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Boris, note that here they like to Frenchify names of people & places, & her first name is written as 'Hanna' -- keep that in mind when you are doing searches.

Juliana in France

On 8/27/2020 21:03, boris wrote:

I am looking for an obituary for an Israeli artist Hannah BEN DOV, who died ca. 4 March 2009 in Paris. Which newspaper(s) would most likely publish it and is it possible to search them online, similar to NYT?


Thank you!

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Juliana Berland (France)

/// Russia/Ukraine: BENIN / BERLAND Czernigow; Romny, Poltava > (Paris>) Chicago AMBURG / BERKOWITZ / EPSTEIN Odessa, Kherson, Poltava > (Paris >) Buffalo NY; Chicago GELBURD / GAYLBURD / GOLDBERG / GILBERT Vinnitsya; Nemyriv; Priluki Staraya; Podolia gub. > Philadelphia; Atlantic City; Milwaukee /// Galicia/Poland/Ukraine: BADER Felsztyn (Skelivka) > Philadelphia BADIAN Komarno? FELDMA(N)N Wolanka / Boryslaw > Philadelphia FREIDENHEIM Stryj, Drohobycz, etc. GERTLER Komarno, Wolanka, Stryj, Drohobycz, etc. WEINER/WIENER ? /// Germany: ADELSDORFER  BÄR / BAER Buttenhausen > mid-W US, esp. near Vandenburgh Co, IN. EPSTEI(N)N Röhrenfurth/Melsungen, Sachsenhausen, Guxhagen > Luxembourg; Amsterdam; MW US, esp. near Vandenburgh Co, IN HAUSSMAN Heidenheim? ISAAK Fellheim? MEYER Hannover > Aurora, IN. MOSES Gotte(rs?n?)heim, Sachsenhausen, Röhrenfurth. ROSENSTEIN Stuttgart; Elberfeld? > Philadelphia, Lancaster, PA.


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