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I often receive messages from people who found lists of the Arolsen Archives on ancestry and don't understand what this lists are.
Some people even don't realize that this lists come from the Arolsen Archives and they don't know what the Arolsen Archives are.
So I would recommend to search directly on the Database of the Arolsen Archives (mentioned above) rather than on ancestry.
Because there is for each collection a description which kind of document it is, when, where, by whom and for which purpose it was written.
I found out that the lists of South Germany, made by the Americans after the war, not only contain Jewish people and forced labourers,
who were persecuted before and during the war and after the war called Displaced Persons, but also other people from
foreign countries (with foreign nationality) who lived in South Germany during and after the war, but were not persecuted.
If you search the Database of the Arolsen Archives a window pops up which says, that all data is confident and for personal use only.
If something remains unclear there is the possibility to ask questions to the archivists of the Arolsen Archives. 

I found some evident information about Jewish and non-Jewish people related to my family on the Arolsen Archives. 
It actually helped me to find documents and information I didn't imagine that it could be held by the Arolsen Archives.

Corinne Iten

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