The WEISSBERGER family -Part 3 - searching connection to cemetery or congregation #usa #hungary


With a lot help from the greop -Thank you- I have established the following:
Samuel Weiszberger (later Sam Weissberger ) was  my greate-grandmother's brother.
He was born in Rokito-Humanne now Slovakia then Hungary in 1871, emigratedto the Us and with the help of the group I have his naturalization request.
I also know he married Saidi ( probably Sara or Szure ) and they had a son, David.
David in turn married Irene  and they had a daughter Rita  who married Harold Weiss. ( all this information from Census records and Marriage records)
All of the People I mentioned are burried n the same cemetery : Riverside cemetery New Jersey 
All belonged to the same congrigation: 1st. Hungarian Congrigation Ohab Zedek

I had an E-mail corespondence with the cemetery trying to find out if there are living relatives. I even asked them to pass my E-mail to living relatives if they exist. 
I didn't get an answer to this request . And I don't know if they passed my information on.

I found the congregation's website and wrote them via the site. No confirmation or any response even though several weeks passed.

Is anyone in the group a member of this congrigation and can help ?  Or anyone has any connections there and can try and find my relatives?

Or does anyone have connection in the cemetery and can help get the details from there?

As I said I'm looking for my 3rd cousins (Rita's children ) .

Thank you 
Nava Giron 

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