Jews Orphan Asylum Kent - England #unitedkingdom #records #yizkorbooks


hello everyone,

i am looking for information on the Jews Orphan Asylum in a Kent. i have found out i am jewish after a family remember revealing data to me at age of 36. there are some highly suspicious and difficult elements to this family tree that has been contructed. 

my direct grandfather's name was Streatfield. his mother's name was Ewington. they lived in Surrey but grandfather's birth is registered to Seven Oaks in Kent. Ewington is a Jewish name it would appear Streatfield is not. 

searching Jew Gen there is one entry for Laurence Streatfield. this shows as "Life Governor of Jews Orphand Asylum Kent". if anyone knows anything about the orphan asylum particularly in the years 1950 to 1990 please let me know.

also if anyone has any general advice for me at this point please let me know. i am 36 and female. i had no idea of my Jewish heritage until less than a week ago.

thank you everybody,

lizzy ferris 

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