German justice during WW II #germany

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

A member of my family, a reserve Lieutenant of the Belgian Army in 1940, Maurice  JONES, has been a resistant during WW II in BRUSSELS. All members of his small group of resistants were arrested, and sent to Germany to be tried by a German civil court. He was sentenced to 2 years in civil jail, and on his release he was immediately deported to SACHSENHAUSEN, where he fortunately survived.

 Out of his small group he is the only one who was named ". . mitteldeutschen und belgischen Leutnant . .  " in the German pronouncement of the sentence. However, his parents were Belgians and the whole family Belgian born and French speaking, and nobody is known from German ascendance  excepted in the early  18th century : those ancestors emigrated then from EMBDEN to England but this has been discovered just a few years ago !

Does anyone  have any idea about the meaning of  " mitteldeutsch " in this context ? Of course it normally means German people from the Central-West Germany, but in this case in my opinion it should well have another meaning ».

Etienne Jones

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