Two Dawid APOTHEKER on Sugihara List-Only One Reached Japan-An Enigma #holocaust #lithuania #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,

Here is an enigma which hounds us since 2011. My late father in law Dawid APOTHEKER(1908-1995) was on the Sugihara list, got his transit visa to Japan in Kaunas and reached Kobe

in Japan on Feb 2nd, 1941. The date is confirmed in a document in the JDC archives. He was born in Bardejov, Slovakia but since his family hailed from Poland he lived mostly in Poland before WW2.

However, we discovered on the Sugihara papers that he granted visas to TWO Dawid APOTHEkERs one  on Aug 6th,1940 and the second on Aug 13th, 1940. Both are described as Polish.

At the beginning we thought that it was a mistake but then discovered via a Genner in Australia that he has in his possession a telegram from Dawid APOTHEKER  informing his friends in Kobe, Japan that 

he intends to arrive to Shanghai. The telegram was sent from Vilnius on May 15th, 1941. It is signed Marjan,Mirylek and Dawid APOTHEKER. Unfortunately they never reached  Shanghai. From our family

research this person most probably belongs to our extended APOTHEKER  clan(Dawid is a frequent name there) but we have no idea who he was and the names Marjan and Mirylek  do not ring a bell.

I enclose the telegram which was sent few weeks before the German invasion of the USSR. We shall appreciate  any info or suggestions about this.

Jacob Rosen


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