I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general


Like anything reproducible you want to preserve, the best approach is diversification, i.e., multiple copies on paper, on the computer, on a service, etc.  Another place to preserve your data is by sending it periodically to family members who have expressed an interest in it.  That gives you copies on other computers and/or hard copy in other places.

I developed my own formatter for my trees, so I can print it out as hard copy or to a .pdf which can then be sent to my mailing list of relatives.  At the request of various cousins, I don't post it online.  I have one chart and mailing list for each of my great-grandparents; anyone descended from any of them who has expressed interest gets a copy of any tree on which (s)he appears. 
There are about two dozen copies of each of the trees floating around in different combinations of the US, Europe, Israel, South America, and the Pacific.  Barring simultaneous loss of interest by all of these people, or an Andromeda Strain-type pathogen, the only remaining contingency not addressed is earth being struck by an asteroid.  I'm working on that.
Yale Zussman

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