Re: I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general

David Mason

Richard Werbin –


External CD/DVD drives for laptops and desktops remain an option.  Plus most desktops still have 5.25” bays, plus SATA power and data connectors, so internal drives are easily added. 


If the day arrives when you need to move to a system without these options, then it’s time to copy data to some other medium.


Meanwhile, I would certainly want long-lived storage that I can retain (several copies) and easily distribute additional copies, that does not heavily depend on “the kindness of strangers”.  Neither magnetic nor “flash” media are reliable enough for the long haul. 


Archival paper -- printed with toner rather than ink – is another option, but it isn’t reliably machine-readable.  I have used OCR for both English and Russian text.  The output has ALWAYS needed careful proofing and correction.


-David Mason

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