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David Lewin

At 17:50 30/08/2020, Miriam Deutscher wrote:
You don't mention about how your descent is Jewish.
Someone is only Jewish if they have maternal Jewish descent i.e.
your mother's mother's mother etc. was Jewish. Otherwise you may
have Jewish blood, but not actually be Jewish.

Surnames often help show if someone was Jewish, but not always. As
one example, someone with a Jewish mother but a non-Jewish father
might have a non-Jewish name (or the reverse). Aside from that names
were sometimes misspelled or Anglicized to fit in better with society.

Miriam Deutscher
This needs correcting

The USA uses different words to the UK here - so I am UK terminology
which you may have to "translate"

There are two major streams in the observing of Judaism : "Orthodox"
and "Reform"#

"Maternal Jewish descent " in defining Judaism is the requirement of
Orthodox or Traditional Judaism

The various "Reformed" or "Liberal strands will., of course, accept
that but will also accept anyone who asserts to being a Jew.

To my knowledge all the streams of Judaism require a proficiency in
Jewish history and Tradition when accepting a convert into Judaism

The amount of knowledge required will vary from one congregation to
the other. Equally the proficiency in Hebrew demanded will vary

Equally the recognition by surname is no longer "reliable" - brought
abouit in the main by intermarriage particularly since World War 2.

David Lewin

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