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Stanley Diamond

This is further to Sheila Toffell's post earlier today.  

Researchers should be aware that the 25-year journey of started with 
many volunteers quickly coming forward to help us create data. Many were new to 
data entry of Polish records but that did stop them from wanting to be part of our 
visionary and innovative project and at the same time, wanting to give back. 

Of course, along the way, there has been a learning curve and that is why in my post
of 28 August I mentioned "over the years, JRI-Poland has discovered a multitude of 
errors/conflicts that can creep into records" and I listed of these reasons.  

The first one was: 
1. Names data entered from index pages vary from the actual record. 
    These are corrected as JRI-Poland supplements the original index as part of the 
    Phase 3 initiative to fully extract vital records.  This article, in part, describes both
    the Phase 3 project and other aspects of JRI-Poland activity.

The point is that the Phase 3 initiative is giving us the opportunity to replace the 
original basic indices with entries with full genealogical information in each record.
For information on the Phase 3 status of your town, write to [townname]

I am also repeating two important paragraphs from my email of August 28th.

   "I also want to use this opportunity to clarify the original subject line on this thread.  
   There are some databases that can be searched via JewishGen that are made 
   available by independent organizations among.  This includes, Jewish Records 
   Indexing - Poland (

   Therefore the original subject line on this thread might have been more accurately 
   titled as it now appears above.  That is,  "How to correct information in databases 
   displayed on JewishGen."

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.


Re: How to correct information in Jewishgen Databases #records
From: Sheila Toffell
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 09:16:18 EDT

The records that have been uploaded to jewishgen, certainly to JRI-PL, have usually been rudimetarily translated by poeple working for the archives. They are not in depth and names are sometimes not recognized correctly because the translators often are not familiar with Yiddish names. There are  jewishgen volunteers  who take on the task to go deeper into the record, and the results are uploaded. However, there could be errors at both levels. I have a situation like this with the name of a paternal great aunt, who is listed as Caim, but who was actually Chaia. The fact that this changes the sex of the person listed  could have confusing ramifications to a researcher. Luckily, I know the history of this lady. This information was relayed to the moderator for the town for correction. I suggest this is the best solution.

Shelia Toffell

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