Re: Searching Hamburg lists for family groups #records

Sally Bruckheimer

"Did any of your ancestors become US citizens? That paperwork will list where they came from, previous names used, and the ship they arrived on and the date they arrived."

Like many other blanket statements, this one is correct only sometimes. My family came early, and naturalization papers say So and So gives up his allegiance to the King of Fill_in_the_Blank. Nothing more.

I found a cousin's naturalization papers in 1906, and I was thrilled. First, I held the actual papers in my hands, and secondly because Jankiel, a Russian, was born in Marseilles (in the 1860s). His parents must have fled the rebellion / cholera / famine - and they went back. Mind you, you didn't automatically become French because you were born there; Americans think everywhere is like the US.

The ship's passenger lists also say next to nothing. In 1853, per the Baden Emigration Lists, my ggrandfather, David, left. In 1853, Mr. Bruckheimer arrived in NYC. But David had 3 brothers who could have come in 1853, earlier or later. No way to tell.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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