Re: Searching Hamburg lists for family groups #records

Alan Reische

Thanks Sally. The 2 citizenship petitions I located say simply ‘Austria’, which of course is useless. I do have the putative date of arrival, but going through the manifests for that date, there are only a few names, nothing relevant. (I need to expand the scope of arrival search, but that could take forever.)

Bremen records of course have been destroyed. I was hoping to find something in Hamburg, which has more detailed point of origin data; I assumed 8-10 days for direct passage, and working backwards from the June 15, 1879 arrival date, am examining the Hamburg departures for the period May 28, 1879-June 10, 1879.

As I said to someone else, my ancestors would have been candidates for CIA spooks, if the CIA existed then, that’s how good they were at covering their traces. 

Alan Reische
Manchester NH

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