Re: Searching Hamburg lists for family groups #records

Alan Reische


I had a putative date of arrival in NYC from the naturalization petition. After working backwards to that date, I found two manifests with virtually no passenger information. I’ve concluded either that the manifests are incomplete, or that my grandfather (from whose naturalization documents I obtained the arrival date) mistakenly or intentionally misstated the date on his petition.

But why would he have done so intentionally? The residency requirement in the late 1800s remained at 5 years, and his brother had been naturalized 9 years earlier. Would he have just relied on (erroneous)memory to recall specific date of arrival, or would documentation of arrival be required? If proof of arrival was required, then its likely there is one or more missing manifests. If the affidavit was simply called on to provide what he recalled, then its more likely he was just mistaken. I’d welcome other thoughts.

Alan Reische

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