Re: Jews Orphan Asylum Kent - England #unitedkingdom #records #yizkorbooks

Gerald and Margaret

Oh dear, straightaway, the divide in Anglo Jewry about who is a Jew is coming to the fore.  Just so irrelevant to Lizzie at this point.  

Veronika, at least  give accurate information.  The address of the London Beth Din is:-  305 Ballards Lane, North Finchley N12 8GB, London, UK.   The phone no is 020 8343 6270.  Who should she talk to , in which Dept? Not everyone would show empathy to someone who has been left in turmoil for the past week. by such a revelation.  Also, you were saying something very supportive, but  by using Yiddish words,  Lizzie is unlikely to know what they mean. Lizzie, Veronica has wished you 'Good Luck' and 'Blessing'

Lizzie, I hope you can keep calm and follow up what you want .  Norwood is a good starting point, as that organisation has always been involved with Jewish children. Its name has changed over the years. 

Margaret Levin
Finchley, London, UK

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