Re: nickname for Miriam? #names

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

How could I resist jumping in here? :) Dr. Joseph Ash is correct. Maryam is not a nickname for Miriam but a variation of the same name. Miriam is just the commonly accepted English version of the original biblical Hebrew name. I’ve seen Mariem, Marjem and Mariyam in Polish Jewish documents, Maryam in transliterated Arabic, Myriam in French, and others. They’re all the same name, just with different pronunciations and spellings.

Nicknames generally shorten the name and/or add a diminutive. You might see Mirel or Mireleh (Yiddish), Mira (Yiddish and Hebrew), Miri (Hebrew), Manya (Polish and Russian), Mariuma (Arabic), and many others.

The name Maria or Mary of course originated from Miriam, and it has its own variations and nicknames in various languages.

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