Re: Best program for large format printable 10 generation family tree chart #general

Dahn Cukier


The following is not perfect, but works for me.
I wrote a small program in Regina REXX to move fields.
I will explain below.

If I entered Hebrew names in the main "name" field, there
would be no reason for my own program, but I need to print
charts all in all English and in all Hebrew depending on location
of the recipient.

I use Brother's Keeper for recording information, holding
documents and photos. There is a field for "names"
including Hebrew names. I do not like the way
BK produces large format trees, so I found Agelong Tree.

Hebrew can be used by changing ONCE the
options "Edit screen 1":

Do not use Western script for fonts- change to Hebrew
Do NOT use the normal Windows screen fonts: Lucide Sans Unicode

After I export from BK, I import to Agelong Tree and produce a jpg that
is currently nearing 20 meters long. I do have one family (of 7 families)
with 10 generations and no where near the height limits.

Importing to Agelong requires the import to be set to
Windows 1255 encoding. These programs work in Windows.

This works for me, BK has recorded all information and notes.
Agelong Tree may be as good, but I only use the chart function.
I paid for version 4 of Agelong, and never updated to version 5.

As I wrote above, I need all Englsih and all Hebrew charts,
I enter all names in Latin, and all entries have Hebrew names
in Hebrew in the Hebrew name field.

Both the above applications can be downloaded and tested
without cost.

I am probably not explaining this well.
If you have questions, you can write to me directly at photograve99@...

Dani Cukier

Cukier/Zucker, Liss/Lisabitski/Lisobitzky/etc., Skawir/and other spellings, Brieff/Brif,
Rotenberg, Friedman, Porter

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On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 07:39:19 AM GMT+3, Awesome Properties <1awesomeproperties@...> wrote:

Dear fellow researchers,
What would you recommend as the easiest program to use for a Hebrew ,10 generation tree , preferably inĀ  fan chart design, editable and printable in large format ( on blueprint plotter)? Thanks for your kind advice.
Rachel Malik, NY

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