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Yefim Kogan

Hello everybody,  I am back again, and have a number of new finding to discuss with you.

Here is the first - Формулярный Список о Службе  - Service Form List.  It was used in 19 century and beginning of 20th century in Russian Empire for mostly nobles, to list their positions in the government and social institutions, estates, holdings, awards, family, etc.  Such list for one person could be on 20 pages or more.  Why I am mentioning this to you?   We did not find Jews nobles in Bessarabia?!  But we did have a lot of Jews who served on different positions in government, other institutions.

You may know that we have a database specifically for this:  Jews in Public Life in Bessarabia. See description of it at

While I was working on Revision list pages, I found a Service Form List for a Jew, Merchant of Second Gild Naum ben Alter KITROSER.  The reason that such document was written, Naum was a Manager of Soroki Mutual Credit Society (1905).   If look into our database Jews in Public Life in Bessarabia,  Naum KITROSER was a Member of Soroki City Counsel in 1916.

There is a full page of information about that person in the Service Form List. It appeared that he owned 166 acre of land in Zguritsa, Soroki uezd, etc.

I have added that family into our database "Revision list and other lists",  but I want to ask  the group if anyone with Russian would like to translate all the positions he held, everything....  and that we can add as an article on our Bessarabia website.  

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Research Leader and Coordinator

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