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Mark Horowitz

Looking for my grandfather's records. The 1940 census indicates he had his "first papers". His brothers also applied/received citizenship around the same time. My question is: Are my grandfather's records at the county court or USCIS (or somewhere else)? 
Here's the situation: I found records for one brother (Edward) on Ancestry, I suppose because he finished in Los Angeles, and Ancestry has those records transcribed. Anyway, the first papers say "District Court, Cleveland, OH" at the top, but they say "Common Pleas Court, Canton, OH" at the bottom. The second papers say "District Court, Los Angeles" at the top and "District Court, Cleveland" at the bottom.

I searched the National Archives' online scans of the Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland, (here and here), and I couldn't find any records on my grandfather or his brothers, not even Edward, even though he sent his first papers to Cleveland. (And I checked all spelling variations of our last name). 

But just now, a relative sent me another brother's (Hyman) certificate of naturalization which he received in 1940. It says it was issued by the Common Pleas Court of Stark County, Canton, OH.

I've already submitted an index search request to USCIS, but I'm wondering if I should also find someone to search the Stark County Court's archives (has to be done in-person). Where are they supposed to be? Maybe another location? Any advice would be appreciated.


Mark Horowitz

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