Holesov, Moravia Families, fl. 1750-1900 #austria-czech #records


I have just now completed an 18-month analysis of all Jewish families living in Holesov, Moravia, fl. 1750-1900. While  I can't claim that it is completely comprehensive, I do think it is a fairly thorough summary based on the following sources:
(1) Jewish births, marriages, and deaths for Holesov, 1784-1849, plus additional collections, 1899 through the early 1900s.
(2) Holesov Pinkas records/ documents, 1785-1830.
(3) Holesov Jewish census records, 1755, 1760, 1819, 1830, 1857, and 1869.  
(4) Holesov Jewish cemetery records.
This is a lengthy document -- 537 pages -- which sounds daunting.  But it is organized alphabetically by family, and I've been somewhat successful at proving relationships within family groups.  If any of you are researching families from this community, I would be happy to send you this summary by email.  Just send me a message at robertbhanscom@..., and I will forward it along to you.
My ancestral families that lived in Holesov were KNOPFELMACHER (in Holesov as early as the 1650s), ZWILLINGER (originally TEOMIM, came to Holesov in the 1770s), and TAUBER (came to Holesov from Leipnik in the early 1760s).
Best regards,

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts USA

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