Upcoming US & Jewish Genealogy Online Classes #education

Michael Moritz

Hello, I will be conducting interactive one-hour online genealogy classes this Fall on a wide array of topics.  I will be commencing with two different three-part Basics Series, one introducing Jewish genealogical research and another introducing United States research more broadly.  The upcoming classes are:


  • United States Research Basics 1 - Databases and Federal Records (Sept. 16)
  • United States Research Basics 2 - State Resources (Sept. 30)
  • United States Research Basics 3 - Local Research (Oct. 14)
  • Jewish Research Basics 1 - Where to Look (Sept. 23)
  • Jewish Research Basics 2 - What's in a Name? (Oct. 7)
  • Jewish Research Basics 3 - The Old Country (Oct. 21)













Click here for full descriptions of the upcoming classes and registration information.  Looking forward to seeing some of you in class!

Note that while I am the Co-Director of the JewishGen Romania Division, these classes are not affiliated with JewishGen.

Michael Moritz (info@...)
New York

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